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LES Mexican – Barrio Chino

A few things have become apparent about this blog.  First, while I used to add new posts almost daily (see November 2008), I am now lucky to post once a week.  Second, as a result of my sporadic postings (or maybe it was when I stopped lugging my camera to dinner), my audience has dwindled and Marjorie might be my only reader now.  Thank you, Marjorie.

Quick update on our anniversary dinner at Corton – it was fabulous.  As soon as I can wrap my head around what we ate (so many flavors, so many side dishes), I will share my thoughts.  In the meantime, I have been wanting to tell you [Marjorie] about Barrio Chino for some time.

Our summer of reservation-free dining took us to Barrio Chino in August.  For us to trek to the LES takes every ounce of energy that we can muster, and this trip was no exception.  Happily, Barrio Chino was worth the effort. 

When we arrived, the extremely affable host was happy to take our number and have us kill time at one of the many watering holes that dot the neighborhood (we opted for Allen & Delancey and their yummy cocktail list).  The host called in fewer than 30 minutes to offer us seats at the bar, but we opted to finish our drinks and wait for a table. 

Once we were seated, my initial reaction was: this place is very loud and very dark (not to mention cramped – it was a feat of spatial relations wizardry to fit a foursome at the two-top next two us).  Clearly, I am not the target demographic. 

After my eyes adjusted to the dim lighting, the first decision was which margarita to get.  I wasn’t sure if the jalapeno lime tequila would be too spicy so our extremely affable waiter (do you see a theme here?) offered to bring me a taste of the jalapeno-infused tequila.  It was bracingly, but not overbearingly, hot – sign me up.  My husband went for the more innocuous lime margarita.  Both margaritas were outstanding.  My only complaint about the margaritas is that they are served with a sugar rim unless you request otherwise (a colleague had forewarned me about this quirk). 

After settling on our drink order, we ordered the requisite chips and guac.  The chips were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.  Best ever in NYC – hands down.  The guac was very good, too, but it was an afterthought compared to the chips. (more…)


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The weekend before last took us to Martha’s Vineyard for an impromptu visit with my husband’s aunt, who spends her summers on the Vineyard. Aunt Belleruth was a great guide and treated us to some of the island’s best-known eats. Highlights included scallops, clams and chowder at The Bite in Menemsha and dinner at Atria in Edgartown. She also tipped us off to a few culinary destinations to check out when we return (hopefully) for a longer visit – State Road, Art Cliff Diner, and lobster rolls from Grace Church.

We travelled to the Vineyard on a new ferry that runs directly to Oak Bluffs from NYC. Ten hours on a ferry provided me with a lot of time to catch up on blog posts, the most belated of which is my review of the Taste of the Lower East Side (TOTLES), which I attended in early May(!). One of my clients is on the board of Grand Street Settlement, which hosts the event, so a colleague (a fellow foodie) and I attended to support him. The TOTLES is a great event, and I recommend it highly to those who can stomach the $150 price tag on the tickets.

My colleague and I dutifully tasted and compared the food being served by the 40+ participating restaurants. Here’s our take….

Top honors went to Clinton St. Baking Co. & Restaurant. On our first pass, Clinton St. was serving cottage fries with smoked salmon, crème fraiche and caviar (I skipped the caviar) – lovely. Later in the evening, the restaurant transitioned to dessert and served scrumptious ice cream sandwiches. Clinton St. gets the nod as much for the quality of the two items served as for the effort put forth to serve an appetizer and a dessert.

Other top picks included: (more…)

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