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Rosh Hashanah treat

I snagged this recipe from my dear friend, Deb, at smittenkitchen.com.  Ok, Deb is not my dear friend.  I don’t even know her.  But I am so obsessed with her blog that it feels like she is a friend.  I was delighted with the results and expect that this honey cake will become a holiday staple in our interfaith house.  L’shana Tova! 


Majestic and Moist Honey Cake


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Jean Georges….

Jean Georges…so much hype, so much anticipation.  Did the restaurant live up to my expectations?  I wish that I could say yes….

My husband and I celebrated our second anniversary at JG earlier this month.  When I made the reservation, I indicated that we were celebrating our anniversary and the restaurant thoughtfully seated us at a banquet table that was cut in to one of the walls of the dining room.  Admittedly, I find it odd to have your dining companion seated next to you rather than across the table, but I appreciated the gesture.  The decor at JG is lovely – quite modern, not too stuffy.  A snafu early in our JG experience occurred when my husband removed his suit jacket and was asked to put the jacket back on.  Rules are rules, but be forewarned.  We started with a cocktail for my husband (a white Russian…his signature drink) and a glass of champagne for me (I was delighted to see that JG offered both full glasses and tastes of all of the wines available by the glass – nothing makes me happier than the taste option on a glass of wine).


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What is the list?

I take eating very seriously. Given the myriad number of restaurants in New York City, where I live with my husband, it’s important to choose restaurants carefully so I do my research and keep a list of restaurants that I want to try. The list has become famous among our friends.  I am often asked the all-important question – “Is it on the list?” The list is a trustworthy source, the output of hours spent poring over New York Magazine, the New York Times, Yelp, MenuPages, and local food blogs and discussing restaurants with friends and colleagues. It has been suggested on multiple occasions that I let the public (if the handful of readers of this blog is likely to receive can be called “the public”) access my list. Finally, over dinner at Jean Georges to celebrate our second wedding anniversary, my husband convinced me that I should start a blog (and, more importantly, offered to set up the darn thing – restaurants are my specialty, not technology…).

To get us started, I’ve listed the restaurants that are on the current version of my list and some that we’ve scratched off.  Some of the restaurants on the list are NYC classics and some are new hot spots.

  • Allen & Dellancy
  • August
  • Centrico
  • Commerce
  • Dell’Anima
  • Gramercy Tavern (I’ve been to the “fancy” part of Gramercy, but I’d like to try the more casual tavern menu)
  • Gradisca
  • The Harrison (have not been in years – need to visit again in light of Frank Bruni’s review)
  • Hill Country
  • Il Bagatto
  • La Esquina
  • Malatesta
  • Mary’s Fish Camp
  • Orchard
  • Peasant
  • Perilla
  • Po
  • The Place
  • Raoul’s
  • Salt
  • Scarpetta
  • Shorty’s 32
  • Smith’s
  • The Smith
  • Terroir


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